Artistic Statement

Theatre Exile has proven to be a place where local artists can take their biggest risks. We match challenging scripts with Philadelphia’s top talent, continually bringing immediate and dangerous performances to our audiences.  The stories that Exile brings to our audiences demand that our actors live in a moment of truth, despite the peril and vulnerability that such honesty demands. Our artists and technicians collaborate continually.  This working style is imperative to creating the intimacy that the audience feels. Armed with our bare-knuckled acting style, bold designs and forceful direction, Exile attacks stories; digging deeper into our desires and psyches.


"Just when you thought you were so downtown, so shockproof, so cool, along comes a show that really shocks. And it shocks purposefully. ”

– Philadelphia Inquirer

"At last, a genuine mind-blowing theater experience....we are left dumbstruck — and dizzyingly alive."

– City Paper on That Pretty Pretty; or The Rape Play (2010)

"a taut, unpretentious production that builds momentum."

– Philadelphia Weekly on Shining City (2010)

“Rude, Nasty and Not for the squeamish”

–Talkin’ Broadway on Hunter Gatherers (2009)

“Compelling and violent and funny”

– Philadelphia Inquirer on Bug (2008)

“Clearly the go-to company for fierce, sexy theater”

– Philadelphia Inquirer on Red Light Winter (2006)

“Lively Pace and a wonderful cast”

– Talkin’ Broadway on Mr. Marmalade (2007)

“A knockout cast of courageous actors who beat one another and the script to smithereens”

– Philadelphia Inquirer on Killer Joe (2006)