Audiences on 'Boulevard'

Hear what audiences have written in about the World Premiere of North of the Boulevard.

"I thought the play was one of the best that I've seen in Philadelphia this season."
–Renee; Philadelphia, PA

"My mother's family is from Port Richmond and my father's family ran their business on S. Front Street from 1880 to 1980....As a kid, I knew those guys in the garage...We love Exile and plan to stay tuned."
–Joe; Philadelphia, PA

"The thing that made it so rewarding was the intricacy of the story it tells, the way the performers worked so well as an ensemble.  It was also sustained by the fact that the character of Trip is one of the best roles that Scott Greer has had in a career of good roles."
–Gerald; Philadelphia, PA

"Wow!  Really, what else can you say?  This for me was Graham's best– raw, real characters, a relevant plot, political without being preachy, executed by sensitive, passionate artists.  Top of the heap for a Barrymore if they bring them back."
–Andy Petit


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