Mission Statement

Theatre Exile is a nonprofit theater company dedicated to enhancing the cultural experiences of Philadelphians through the staging of works that engage the imagination. We produce challenging plays that explore the complexities of the human condition and contain a sense of Philadelphia grit and passion. We strive to reach new theater audiences throughout the community by presenting both new works as well as established plays that are often reinterpreted in original ways.

We believe in freedom of expression formulated through innovation, exploration and provocation. At the same time, we provide a safe and creative environment in which local artists can grow, experiment and find their own voice.



We are committed to creating quality theater.

We believe that to live as an artist is an honor and to be an artist means that you have a responsibility to make the community that you live in a better place. 

We respect the dedication and talent of artists who are committed to our philosophy and style of performance.

We are committed to Philadelphia’s artists and audiences, and to supporting local artists while reflecting the unique character of our city within our artistic work.

We believe that the stronger and more daring the artist’s voice, the more the artist is able to engage in dynamic dialogue.

We seek to inspire conversation and excitement among our audience members.

We choose plays that are high quality, challenging, daring, and appeal to an adventurous audience.

We live by the collaborative process with all of our many and varied artists and staff.

We are part of a community and will contribute to the well being of that community through all of our programs.