Saturn Returns Reviews

“Haidle's most prodigious gift may be his psychological sophistication. Beautifully written…the limpid play is really a haunting, in which Haidle finds a way of dramatizing the presence of absence in all of us."

– The New Yorker


“This 90-minute piece is in stark contrast to the verbal and physical violence of most new American drama, and exudes a sense of pleasurable melancholy.”

– The Guardian


“There are certain actors that come along that are born storytellers and born people’s people. They have a natural charm.”

– Philadelphia Daily News


Saturn Returns manages to transcend its occasional barracks vernacular because of the playwright Noah Haidle’s poetic talent and the consistent capacities of a veteran cast: Harry Philibosian, who plays the octogenarian Gustain; Amanda Schoonover playing the three parts of Suzanne, Zephyr, and Loretta; and David Raphaely and Joe Canuso as Gustin at 28 and 58, respectively.”  

– Jackie Atkins 



“Staged in Christ Church’s beautifully renovated deep stage, Geffers’ well choreography production utilizes Daniel Boylen’s spare and simple set, done up in shades of white and grey like a ghost town and illuminated by Paul Moffitt’s sometimes oddly psychedelic lighting design.”  

– The House of the Rising Sun 



“Amanda Schoonover, who starred as Lucy in Mr. Marmalade, again creates the perfect Haidle heroine, playing Gustin’s wife, daughter, and caretaker who whirl in and out of his memories.”

The Times Staff