When have you felt lost?

Lost Girls is the story of a family of women from New Hampshire, their daily lives and lifelong journeys. Even though wintery New England feels particularly far away from Philadelphia on this warm February day, we feel like the characters in John Pollono's play are not so different from the women we run into every day here in South Philly. Not all of us have the same journey as Maggie, Linda, and Erica do in the play--but we've all felt lost at one point. 


Here are the Ladies of South Philly. Check out our Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to keep up with the project, and keep checking here for updates! 


"When I moved to America nobody could understand me, and vis-versa, I suppose, because of the accent! I've always lived in South Philly, I used to own a store on South and 4th and I lived in the apartment above it. When I went to live in a house, that was a big change." -J. (who we met at the corner of 10th and Dickinson) 






"When I moved to Philly--moving here and getting my own apartment was like, the first breakaway from my family. That was twelve years ago." Amanda (on Wharton between 12th and 13th











“So, I am indeed on a metaphorical journey as we speak..I entered into the world of canvassing as a result of being lost. If I may share some words…so this is where I’m presently at in this moment in time, because I intend to go on a through-hike as soon as I am able to…as that’s the only way I think I’ll be found, if that makes sense? So this is what I’ve been contemplating this past couple days, and I wrote it down as a mantra to myself ‘The physicality of adapting to a space disturbs me no longer, for my sense of home is no longer built around the protection of walls. Vast openness, limitless spatial frontiers are what my soul was built for, so I trek, metaphorically, day and night.’ Which coincides with what I’m currently doing for a living, given the fact that I’m seriously trekking. So there’s a loss of home, but a greater sense of being as a result…It’s personal and a result of the political agenda. I did study international studies as an undergraduate and I do intend to pursue my masters in international relations and potentially international law as well, however, in my own personal life, I was raped at 18 and then I was date-raped during my last year of college, which was 2014. So those two experiences in conjunction with my studies and what I want to pursue as a living have just brought me to this present moment of being lost…It’s funny two things brought me here, two books brought me here, (by women!). First is Cheryl Strayd’s book, and the second is Aspen Matis’s, who both through-hiked the PCT. That’s what I intend to do. I don’t know if it will happen before or after graduate school, because...I’m still lost! But I’m on my way to being found.” -'Serendipity,' who we talked to in Passyunk Square.