Rounding Third

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Rounding Third

By Richard Dresser
Directed by Matt Pfeiffer

Rounding Third introduces us to Don and Michael: two little league coaches — one a veteran, the other a new recruit — and their markedly different personal circumstances and philosophies about the game. Don is the seasoned coaching veteran whose son is the star pitcher. For Don, winning is the only way to have fun in Baseball.  Michael is a very different sort of coach, who signed up to be Don’s assistant in an attempt to have an activity with his son. These two coaches develop a hysterical and interesting relationship which in turn explores the questions; “how does the American male define his role in Society?” and, “how should we raise our children in a world that is intensely competitive?”

Featuring: David Ingram and Peter Pryor

Nov 10, 2005 - Dec 4, 2005

Walnut Street Theatre, Independence Studio