My Super Sweet 16 - Max Vasapoli

Mon, 07/02/2012

Greetings, Blog Readers!

Max Vasapoli here - the newest addition to the Theatre Exile team.  As the new Marketing Associate, I am thrilled to be working on the phenomenal line up of shows this season. Though a new-comer to Exile, I am a well-rounded theatre artist with a creative eye and a strong luxury sales background.

After a very long interview process and what seemed like an eternity, I was offered this new position and it seemed like all the steps I had taken to shape my career in both theatre and luxury sales were finally worth it. As my first day approached I felt more and more like a kid starting at a new school. Would people like me? What if I said or did something stupid!? What would I wear on my first day?

Luckily, I am surrounded by devoted coworkers who help me improve every day. It helps immensely that we have an explosive upcoming season and inventive marketing strategies to improve sales. I am a lucky duck to do my job, that’s for sure.

I am overjoyed to combine all my talents to attract audiences to Theatre Exile’s fierce, provocative and risky theatre.  I strive to engage our audiences through client-based service, interactive marketing, popular dining partners and helpful sponsors.

I’m very excited to share this thrilling season with our audiences new and old. Exile celebrates 16 years this year, which is exciting in itself. When I was 16, I don’t think I had the know-how or drive that Exile has and I certainly wasn’t producing the level of theater that Exile does.

To commemorate this milestone year, I will be inviting some of Exile’s own to write about their 16th year and how it has led them to being in Exile today.

Here, I’ll go first.

Roughly 10 years ago, I was knee deep in dance competitions, high school performances and pop princesses. In 2002, I was on a competitive dance team, performed at North Shore Music Theatre and thought I was the most art-savvy sophomore at North Reading High School.

Myspace was still relevant and everyone still had a screen name. I spent hours downloading illegal songs off of Napster to burn a CD full of classics like “Survivor” by Destiny’s Child, “Hot In Herre” by Nelly, and the ever-popular “It Wasn’t Me” by Shaggy.  I admit I tried and failed for hours to learn Aguilera’s vocal ornamentations in the “Nobody Wants to Be Lonely” with Ricky Martin. I think the “Latin Explosion” had something to do with me wanting to dress like a boy band member and dance like a Britney Spears backup dancer.

Personally, I knew high school wasn’t for me. These were the days before anti -bullying campaigns and there were no celebrity “It Gets Better” videos on YouTube. I was alone in my interests and lonelier in my aspirations. I found solace in a close group of friends and daily art classes where I could paint and collage without fear of name calling.

Unlike most high schoolers, I wasn’t vying for acceptance from my peers. I was okay with being the odd ball and wanted to be left on my own.  I went on mission trips and volunteered to help others in need.

I stayed true to myself, which may be the hardest thing to do when you’re a teenager. It wasn’t the easiest decision at 16 but I think I gained some level of high school credit for my talents. My locker was never defaced, I left high school unscathed and people were impressed with my devotion to the drama club.  

Looking back, I can see how my resiliency and fortitude have shaped me and my career in the business of theatre. 10 years later I work for a theatre company known for taking risks, pushing boundaries and daring to be different. In some ways, I have always been in Exile. But, then again – aren’t we all?