Ringing in the New Year!

Tue, 01/03/2012

Here's to a great new year! Exile's staff has some resolutions for 2012. Read on to get to know us better.

The start of a new year is a time for resolutions- where we tell ourselves what we can’t have or have to give up. At Exile we like to indulge ourselves. So here is what we want more of in the upcoming year.

Producing artistic director, Joe Canuso wants “"Lots of new faces enjoying that unique exile experience for the first time"

Joe Wozniak, box office and patron saint of Studio X, says “I would like to see exile continue its dedication to new works in Philadelphia. All while continuing to give young theater artists opportunities for growth and knowledge. I believe Studio X-Hibition is a great program that is benefiting not only Exile, but all involved.”

Marketing guru Leah Franqui has never minced words. “Well, I want theatre exile to win all the awards. All of them. But also I would like to see us make Studio X a home for artists and audiences alike, and give people the sense that they are welcome down here!”

Deborah Block, co-artistic director and outreach maven, has always had a heart of gold.  “I wish for the Exile that same types of thing that I wish for myself, my friends and family…. clarity, abundance, new opportunities to learn, gather together & grow – and art…. Great Art.   I predict that my hopes will come true in 2012.”

Exile all-star and managing director Bryan Clark is looking forward to a year full of "a continued dedication to the gritty material that makes exile unique."

Audience service ninja Clara Elser can’t get enough of you, our audience. “I would like to see Theatre Exile increase our audience engagement through exciting special events and programming.”

Brenna Geffers, associate artistic director and ship navigator, is hoping 2012 is full of “awe-inspiring, gut-punching, soul-searching moments created with artists I love and trust for audiences that are as excited about a story as I am!”

Board chairmen and all round great guy, Reuben Wade says "The artists (actors, directors, stage managers, lighting and and movement designers)  all work so hard to create an amazing experience for their audience. There really is no point to theater without an audience to appreciate it."

Here’s hoping we all get what’s coming to us in the year 2012! See you all soon for Knives in Hens in February!