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Thu, 10/29/2015

Sketch Artist and cartoonist, Aaron Krolikowski attended a performance of Rizzo, see his sketches here!

In the darkness sits Frank Rizzo (Scott Greer) 

Inquirer Reporter (Damon Bonetti) trys to interview Carmella Rizzo (Amanda Schoonover)

Racial Riots in Philadelphia. Frank Rizzo (Scott Greer) wants to bust everyone's heads. Cecil B. Moore (Akeem Davis) wants to riots to stop. 

Frank Rizzo (Scott Greer) yells to his pollster Brooks (Robert DaPonte) while advisor Marty Weinberg (Paul L. Nolan) begs him to listen. 

An artist sketching events as they happen. From a protest to a play to the Pope. Aaron's sketches have appeared in the Philadelphia Daily News, Star Newspapers, and If you want him to sketch an event you are involved in, please e-mail him at:


See ALL of the sketches here:

Thank you Aaron!