Spotlight on: Jessica Johnson!

Tue, 02/06/2018

We're bringing you behind the scenes at Exile with fun interviews from the cast and crew of Really! This week it's Jessica Johnson as Girlfriend!

If you had to describe Really in a few words, what would you say?
I think it's about our relationships to space, time, and each other. How we take up space in the world's we find ourselves in, be it our homes or our professions or our passions. More specifically, I think it's about discovery: what purpose does death serve for the living, how do our relationships shape our perspective, do people have the capacity to change and grow and adapt. AND I think all of this (and so much more) is explored through the lens of Art.

What does Really mean to you?
It's a reminder to continue asking questions about the role of art and the responsibility of artists as citizens; it is a powerful reminder of the responsibility and hope and danger that we must grapple with in order to avoid futility and improve for the future.

What's on your preshow playlist?
A mixture of Solange, D'angelo, Paramore, The soundtrack of the motion picture Moonlight, Dave Brubeck...

What flavor ice cream would you describe yourself as?
Whipped cream gelato with dark chocolate curls and cherries!!!