Yes, those are my legs – Gili Nir

Tue, 08/21/2012

Yes, those are my legs.

Three months ago I started my Internship with Theatre Exile. For three months I basically learned how to produce theatre. Contracts, budget work, filing, fund-raisers, creating ultra-useful and usable Google sites under the direction of Dani Rose, communicating with artists, researching various things, marketing work, answering phones, copying, mailing things, making lots of Excel spreadsheets, reviewing play submissions along with our literary intern, other things, probably…. Did I do all of these things well? No. Did I learn how to do them well? Yes.

Producing is tough stuff. It is the foundation to creating awesome, accessible art, and it needs to be built out of lots of equilateral triangles that provide the most support with the least resources. This office is full of equilateral triangles…as opposed to squares… anyway….

Back when we had our intern orientation at the beginning of the summer, Dani and Deb made it clear to us that they would do their best to give us any experience that we wanted out of our interning experience – I can’t think of anything else I could ask for. Everyone here has been so kind, always taking the time to make sure that I learned things that I could use in the future.

To be honest, I was intimidated by the idea of an administrative internship. That’s why I chose it. But I’ve found it incredibly rewarding. It’s full of little victories like creating a perfectly organized Google site or spreadsheet that will serve as the infrastructure for a production, or talking to a patron over the phone who had a great time at our Cabaret of the Exiled.  And being around a group of amazing people is great any day. These people – THESE PEOPLE at Theatre Exile are all Geniuses in their own ways; it’s like that whole motif from Annie Baker’s The Aliens,  that everyone’s a genius, accept the people who work here are noticeably good at their jobs instead of hanging out and playing guitar all day at a café...

Other than experiencing several administrative inspiration moments,  I also got a glimpse into the amazing artistic goings-on here at Exile discussing scripts, reading at auditions and sitting in at rehearsals. By the way, go see The Edge of Our Bodies right now.

Also, yes, those are my legs; I also did some modeling for Theatre Exile, thus leaving my mark here forever and ever. The constant sense of moving forward in this company - keeping Theatre Exile a living, breathing thing - is amazing and I feel so lucky to have fallen in with all of these wonderful people.  Thank you Dani, Deb, Joe, Max, Clara, all of the other interns and anybody else I’ve come in contact with through this internship . This has been a growing experience.