A Behanding in Spokane in Top 10 Productions of 2012!

Thu, 01/03/2013

"What’s the best word to sum up Philadelphia’s theater community in 2012? Unpredictable."

Recently, Philadelphia Weekly Theatre Critic J. Cooper Robb compiled a list of his top productions from the Philadelphia theater community. In his corresponding article, he noted the unpredictable nature of the current scene and major themes explored by many of the plays this year. Uniting all the productions and industry goings-on, he noted the unpredictable nature of theater and the importance of new players. Amongst some of the critically acclaimed productions, J. Cooper Robb named A Behanding in Spokane one of the top 10 Productions of 2012.

In his initial review of the production, performed this past spring at Christ Church, Robb praised the production, highlighting the “expertly choreographed mayhem created by director Joe Canuso and his flawless cast.”

He emphasized the strong cast and emphasized the “superb performances provided by Bunting, Mitchell and Schoonover and Pfeiffer.” He applauded Matt Pfeiffer’s portrayal of Mervyn, calling it “possibly the best performance by any actor this season, Pfeiffer’s Mervyn is cruel, but his life is so pathetic that despite his appalling attitudes regarding blacks and women, we almost pity him.”

We are proud to be named a top production from last year and hope the second half of our 16th season will gain similar praise. Don’t miss out on our upcoming production of Jason Wells’ The North Plan directed by Joe Canuso and our final production this season – North of The Boulevard  by Bruce Graham directed by Matt Pfeiffer.

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