Edward Albee's Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf? Reviews

Mon, 04/27/2015

Edward Albee's Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf? is making a buzz; hear what the press is saying: 


"Theatre Exile's production under Joe Canuso's smart direction of this iconic American drama, is both splendid and funny and wrenching, just as it should be. A highly skilled and subtle quartet of actors makes this happen."

-Toby Zinman, The Inquirer


"Director Joe Canuso captures the subtle and complicated shifting of ground and wider cultural references hidden under piles of hurled abuse."

-Kathryn Osenlund, Broad Street Review


"Catharine Slusar’s Martha is sharp-tongued and brilliant, hurling cackling insults at George, their guests, and even herself."

- Christy, Geekadelphia


“Sparks fly between the actors as they embody, in tour-de-force performances, all the rage, disappointments, frustrations, and connections of their characters’ life together…”

-Debra Miller, Phindie.com

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"…it demands to be seen here, in this daring and invested production."

-David Anthony Fox, City Paper

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“You are about to spend three hours with some of the smartest, nastiest people imaginable, and the better the actors, the more devastating the experience.”

- Naomi Orwin, Broad Street Review

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“Pearce Bunting and Catharine Slusar absolutely dazzled as George and Martha, giving powerhouse performances that make the three-hour experience fly by.”

- Bill Chenevert, PhillyNow

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"the cast...light up the stage with emotional intensity as they explore the messy side of the human condition."
- Deni Karsel, uwishunu

“… you get the full force of all four characters Albee creates, and you also get a rich night of ensemble acting” 

- Howard Shapiro, newsworks.org

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"Martha dares to push George (and herself) to the extreme edge of the cliff of their relationship…leaving us all to wonder – is there ever a point of no return?"

- Christy, Geekadelphia

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