"The English Bride" Reviews

Tue, 11/20/2012

Check out these stellar reviews for The English Bride, playing now through December 2nd!



The English Bride demands to be seen (and given the small size of the theater, you should book early)."
"prepare to have your world rocked."
–David Anthony Fox, City Paper
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"...in Ali and especially Eileen, Lichtblau gives us two of the season’s most interesting figures."
–J. Cooper Robb, Philadelphia Weekly
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“There are declarations of love, protestations of innocence, confessions of shame. We are  intrigued without ever being satisfied, having been duped and lured into various sympathies. The three performances are, however, quite satisfying: round, full characterizations too subtle for  stereotypes.”
–Toby Zinman, The Philadelphia Inquirer
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“Well worth seeing - The English Bride intrigues, and Lichtblau is one hell of a writer."
–Kathryn Osenlund, CurtainUp
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"As in the popular TV series Homeland...The audience is deliberately kept in the dark about the whole truth."
–Steve Cohen, Broad Street Review
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“Good, evil, right, wrong and almost villainy ping pong seamlessly throughout this work; a guarantee go-to performance.”
–TS Hawkins, Queer 2 The T
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"...the cast's nuanced performances give emotional depth and ambiguity to their roles as they  deceive, betray, and distort the facts to achieve their desired goals."
–Debra Miller, Stage Magazine
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