Full Moon Rallye 60

Mon, 03/09/2015

Join us on Sunday, March 22nd, for the 60th Full Moon Rallye.

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The walking rallye will start at 1340 South 13th Street (Theatre Exile 13th and Reed Streets). Teams will have four hours to walk around the area following instructions and looking for answers to clues before finishing up at Marra's Restaurant (1734 E. Passyunk Ave. Passyunk and Moore). 

A rallye is basically a scavenger hunt on foot. Each team (of 2 people) is given a list of directions that they must follow to navigate through the course (e.g. Turn left at Wawa, or proceed straight until you come to a statue of Shakespeare). Along the way, the teams have to find answers to questions (e.g. Where do you find a $1.99 Super Hoagie?, or Who built the Shakespeare statue?). There are different types of questions with different point values (the harder ones are worth more). The team that answers the most questions correctly wins! The course is designed to be walked in less than two hours, so there should be no need to hurry - unless you are going way too slow. Along the way, your team may also have to buy certain items (called retrievables) to prove you were at a location, or to be used later in the rallye.

What is a Rallye?
Competitive walking event
Object: find & answer the most clues
  • Travel around South Philadelphia 
  • Look for different types of clues as you walk (about three miles) 
  • Do not need to be familiar with area 
  • NOT a speed event 
  • Four-hour time limit for race 
  • Afternoon event 
  • Teams of two can enter 
  • Time to hang out at finish of race 
  • Medals for top 3 team

Entry Fee: $50 per team of 2

Required Items: Pen or Pencil, something to write on, cell phone, $5.00

This event is hosted by ClubeAdventures to benefit Theatre Exile