Going Off The Beaten Track

Tue, 01/03/2012

Exile has big plans for our Studio X. Our raw studio space will be transformed into an immersive installation where audiences can leave South Philly behind.

Our Studio X has been taking steps to become an artistic hub of South Philly. This season, we have already hosted our Studio X-hibition series, featuring new work from Bruce Graham and Noah Haidle. We also brought audiences into the intimate world of three outsiders with our sold-out run of The Aliens. This February, Exile takes a step further in our tradition of "residing off the beaten path." (City Paper) We will be working with acclaimed designer Thom Weaver to create an intimate and highly crafted world for Knives in Hens. Stay tuned for more details as we push the boundaries of live theatrical events.

And Read More about Studio X's history in A.D. Amorosi's feature in the City Paper.