Rizzo in the Press

Thu, 10/29/2015
"Big, brash" Rizzo in the Press. Check out reviews here!
"Thanks to the audacity and artistry of director Joe Canuso and playwright Bruce Graham...we have a powerful, provocative new play about the infamous Frank Rizzo..."
- Carol Rocamora, Broad Street Review, Click here for full review
"Best of all is Akeem Davis, piling charm and the persuasion as Cecil B. Moore..."
- Tim Dunleavy, DC Metro Theater Arts, Click here for full review 
" What [Scott] Greer is doing is playing not a snapshot Frank Rizzo, but a real person."
- David Fox, Philly Mag, Click here for full review
"Under the direction of Joe Canuso, Greer burns hot in this role, working in a deep Philly accent to the max, mopping his forehead, and hollering con brio infamous Rizzo quotes, such as this response to charges of police brutality: "I got doves flyin' outta my armpits!"
- Wendy Rosenfield, The Inquirer, Click here for full review
"Scott Greer, a gifted actor capable of transforming himself in each role he takes, conveys Rizzo's girth, power, wit, determination, charm, and charisma." 
SaraKay Smullens, Broad Street Review, Click here for the full review
"It is often said of Frank Rizzo, 'You either loved him or hated him.' But whatever your feelings are about the controversial Philadelphia icon, you'll love Theatre Exile's compelling world-premiere bioplay by award-winning Philly favorite Bruce Graham."
- Deb Miller, Phindie, Click here for the full review
"Michael Kiley's ambient sound works so well that, like in life, it can disappear as it blends with action."
- Kathryn Osenlund, Phindie, Click here for the full review
"The play is not solely an examination of the man--rather, the production uses Rizzo as a lens to witness the history of Philadelphia."
-Grace Maiorano, The Temple News, Click here for the full review
"I can see Rizzo being revived here again, (at a time when Greer has time in his busy schedule to return as 'The Mayor'."
-Steve Ramm, Yuku Forum, Click here for the full review
"Nolan's Weinberg has a lot of dignity, as well as a sophisticated polish that is the opposite of Rizzo's streetwise, confident swagger."
-Neal Zoren, NealsPaper, Click here for the full review