Round of Applause for Behanding

Fri, 04/27/2012

The reviews are pouring in for A Behanding in Spokane-- audiences and critics alike can't stop raving...

"Theatre Exile's dazzling production of A Behanding in Spokane is both hilarious and creepy-that signature Martin McDonagh combo. An evenly excellent cast, directed by Joe Canuso, convinced me that a play I thought was merely a star turn (Christopher Walken being that star when I saw it on Broadway), is stand-alone terrific." 
– Philadelphia Inquirer (Read More Here)

"McDonagh's dialog is fast and witty, and director Joe Canuso keeps a lightning pace [...] He is aided by fine acting, with Bunting intensely and comically severe and Mitchell providing many of the laughs."  – Stage Magazine (Read More Here)

"Playwright Martin McDonagh doesn’t reside in the United States, but he vividly captures the current character of America in his latest play A Behanding in Spokane which is now onstage in a superbly acted, directed and designed production from Theatre Exile.[...] In addition to the superb performances provided by Bunting, Mitchell and Schoonover, Matt Pfeiffer is spectacular as the hotel’s racist and nosy receptionist. Possibly the best performance by any actor this season..."- The Philadelphia Weekly (Read More Here) 

"...unlike many absurd intellectual plays that are abstractly humorous but not really funny, Behanding is darkly, offensively, and apologetically hilarious. 
If you like things nice and normal, stay home. But if , to borrow a line from Billy Joel, it just may be a lunatic you’re looking for, then Martin McDonagh’s your man and Exile’s your theater." 
-Curtain Up (Read More Here) 

"From the moment the lights go up, director Joe Canuso's deliberately flat, static staging feels exactly right. Carmichael sits on a bed, and the visual is straight out of Edward Hopper." - City Paper (Read More Here) 

" its best, McDonagh's play is a wildly outrageous and satisfying entertainment, and Theatre Exile approaches it with an endearingly eccentric spirit." -Talkin' Broadway (Read More Here)

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