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Thu, 02/12/2015

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Intelligence and transformation moving under the surface

Kathryn Osenlund, February 14, 2015, phindie

"Campbell O’Hare plays his self-absorbed estranged daughter, Ellie, to the hilt."

"Capturing 'The Whale'

Howard Shapiro, February 16, 2015, newsworks

"Greer is sensational in the roll of Charlie..."


"The Whale" comes ashore in South Philly, making powerful waves

Bill Chenevert, February 13, 2015, Philly Now

"Trevor William Fayle dazzles as Elder Thomas"

"The lights and sound were inspired. The set was spot-on, with incredible detail."

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'The Whale:' Appetite for self-destruction 

David Patrick Stearns, February 13, 2015, Philadelphia Inquirer

"…the compelling, provocative Samuel D. Hunter script is the showcase for a well-honed production directed by Matt Pfeiffer in which some of Philadelphia's best actors surpass themselves."

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Local actor tackles his weightiest role yet

Chuck Darrow, February 6,2015,

"Actually, in terms of the physicality of the role, Greer admitted that he doesn't have it all that tough, given that much of his time onstage is spent either in a wheelchair or on a couch. The real challenge, he has found, is dealing with the near-constant wheezing that Charlie endures because of his constrictive heart failure."

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‘Whale’ dives deep to find hope in isolation and despair

Larry Nichols, February 5,2015, Philadelphia Gay News

“’It’s about the demise of the protagonist. It is told with humor and it isn’t full-on terror. So I guess drama is the best way to describe it. I feel like the characters are all so well-drawn and vivid.’”

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Philly designers create ‘fat suit’ for 600-pound role

Brandon Baker, January 20, 2015, Philly Voice

“And though that fact doesn't bother her -- she said it's enough just to see Greer's transformation -- it might be worthwhile to take a second to reflect on not just the struggle of Charlie, but the struggle of cramming all that fabric under a needle.“

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The 600-Pound Gay Man: How Actor Scott Greer Bares It All in The Whale

Bryan Buttler, February 4, 2015, GPhilly

“After the death of his partner, Charlie balloons to 600 pounds, refusing to leave his house due not only to his depression, but his size. As his estranged daughter attempts to reconcile with Charlie, we get to see how family takes on a variety of meanings.”


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