It Never Changes to Stop- from Knives' star, Emilie Krause

Wed, 02/22/2012

It Never Changes to Stop by The Books - Knives star Emilie Krause "longs for expression."

Knives in Hens is about to go into its second week. Leading Lady Emilie Krause picks this song of the week, to check in with us about the show. Emilie says " I struggled picking my song of the week: most of the little tunes that jumped out at me would have given far too much away. I settled on a song that gives an idea of how the young woman's mind, it's ideas and longing for expression, is treated in the beginning of the play. Though the video is set in a different and much more familiar era, I think it captures the restraint she feels quite nicely. " A beautiful song from a beautiful lady. Thanks Emilie.

it never changes to stop (2009) from Time Emitter on Vimeo.