Frequently Asked Questions: D-Pad by Jeremy Gable

Theatre Exile’s 2020/21 season looks different this year, but our commitment to quality and provocative productions that highlight important themes and stories has not changed. Neither is our commitment to the audience experience. We hope that this page can help you navigate the streamed show.

The basics: We will email you a link, you click, and you enjoy the show!

Thanks for your support. Enjoy D-Pad!

D-Pad is a virtual performance? What does that mean?

While the current pandemic prevents us from welcoming audiences into our new theater to view plays, we have continued our work to produce impactful works in Theatre Exile’s traditional style. Knowing that our first two shows would need to be streamed online, we selected D-Pad as an ideal script that would be relevant and successful as an online production. Playwright Jeremy Gable worked with Theatre Exile to adapt his script and create a specific version of D-Pad for virtual performance. 

Our cast and crew followed our standard production and rehearsal processes and we adopted new technologies so that the four actors could rehearse and perform from their homes. While D-Pad is viewed on a screen rather than a stage, the production features the quality acting, set and sound design, original music, and powerful delivery that Exile audiences expect.  

Is D-Pad a Zoom performance?

D-Pad is not created for or delivered over Zoom. D-Pad was filmed with new, professional-grade video and audio equipment and enhanced with custom-designed green screen technology and visual effects. The show has been expertly mastered for high quality video and sound delivery and is streamed through the Patron Manager application. D-Pad is not like any virtual performance you may have experienced this year.

What makes D-Pad different than the other online programs I have watched?

Playwright Jeremy Gable adapted his D-Pad script specifically for Theatre Exile’s streamed production. The entire script was modified for our online environment, and the technology and design elements were created for this production. D-Pad is a story about people who live and communicate in the online space, which makes it an ideal selection for this online show.

How and when will I receive my virtual tickets to view D-Pad?

Once you purchase your virtual ticket for a D-Pad performance, you will receive a confirmation email from us with your order summary and ticket link. The day before your selected performance date, you will receive a pre-show email from us with your ticket link to view the show and well as a link to our virtual playbill, which you can view or print. The ticket link will be highlighted in a BLUE BOX within both emails. Simply click on the blue box to see the show. If you need assistance, please email boxoffice@theatreexile.org.

If you are a subscriber, simply send an email to boxoffice@theatreexile.org with your desired performance dates and you will receive your ticket confirmation email within 24 hours. Please note that all virtual tickets will automatically be sent to the email address on the ticket order.

Do I need to watch D-Pad at a specific date and time, or it is available on demand?

When you purchase a ticket for a specific performance, the link you receive via email will only work for your selected performance date/time. We have scheduled D-Pad shows similar to all Theatre Exile seasons, but we have added some additional times to enable new audiences from across the country to view the productions.

Can more than one person watch D-Pad with one ticket?

Each virtual ticket is good for one household viewing on one screen. Unfortunately, the link will not work if someone outside of your household attempts to click the same link. If you would like to watch the show with friends and family outside of your household, we recommend that you purchase additional tickets for those households and forward those ticket links directly to them.

Please note that D-Pad contains scenes with threatening and misogynistic language, digitized war violence, and police aggression. The content may not be suitable for younger audiences.

How can I watch D-Pad on my devices?

D-Pad can be viewed on your smart TV, laptop computer, desktop computer, or tablet. You can maximize your screen size and enjoy a comfortable setting to enjoy the show.

Note: For best viewing quality, locate your computer close to your wireless router and minimize the number of household devices using the internet. Slower internet connection may impact the video quality.

Here are some resources to help you stream D-Pad on your smart TV:

Streaming from iPhone to Apple TV or smart TV

Streaming from Android Phone to smart TV

Streaming using Chromecast

Streaming with Roku

Will there be a show playbill to read?

Yes, we have a digital version of our program available in a PDF form for easy viewing.  You will receive a link to the program in your pre-show email the day before your selected performance.  You can also download and view the program here.

Who can I contact if I need assistance before or during the performance?

Theatre Exile staff will be available during regular weekday business hours (M-F, 10am-5pm), as well as one hour before showtime through the end of each performance to answer any questions. Simply email us at boxoffice@theatreexile.org.