Frequently Asked Questions: ‘Zoo Motel’ by Thaddeus Phillips

Theatre Exile’s 2020/21 season looks different this year, but our commitment to quality and provocative productions that highlight important themes and stories has not changed. Neither is our commitment to the audience experience. 

We hope that this page can help you navigate the streamed show.  

The basics: We will email you a link, you click, and you enjoy the show!

Thanks for your support. Enjoy Zoo Motel!

Zoo Motel is a virtual performance. Is it pre-recorded? How can I watch it?

No, Zoo Motel is not pre-recorded. It is an interactive virtual event featuring live performances that is performed entirely over Zoom for a maximum of 25 audience members. Only one ticket is needed per household. 

The show first debuted in the fall of 2020 as a quarantined experiment that allows audiences from around the world to watch this engaging production at the same time from the comfort of their own homes.

What if I don’t want to turn my camera on during the show?

Audience participants are not required to turn their Zoom camera on during the show; however, we recommend that you turn on your camera to get the most out of the interactive portions of the show and enjoy the complete experience.

How and when will I receive my virtual tickets to view Zoo Motel?

Once you purchase your virtual ticket for a Zoo Motel performance, you will receive a confirmation email from us with your order summary (NOTE: Please make sure you have entered a valid e-mail address before confirming your purchase).

You will receive a separate email within 72 hours which will include a Zoom link to access the performance, your “room key,” and some additional details needed for checking into the Zoo Motel

For any questions or concerns, please email boxoffice@theatreexile.org ahead of the show and checkin@zoomotel.org once the show begins.

I’m a subscriber. Can I use one of my subscriber tickets for this show? 

No, this special presentation of Zoo Motel is not included in our 2020-2021 subscription series. However, current subscribers are welcome to apply their 20% subscriber discount to their ticket order. Please email boxoffice@theatreexile.org for more information.

Do I need to watch Zoo Motel at a specific date and time?

Yes. When you purchase a ticket for a specific performance, the Zoom link you receive via email will only work for your selected performance date/time. Please enter a valid email address, because it’s the only way we can send the materials you’ll need to access the show.

Is there an on-demand video option for Zoo Motel?

No, Zoo Motel will not have an on-demand video option due to the fact that it is a live performance that takes place entirely over Zoom.

Can more than one person watch Zoo Motel with one ticket?

Yes. Each virtual ticket will provide a Zoom link to view the show. Each link is good for one household viewing on one screen. You can have as many people as you’d like watching on one device; however, link-sharing is not permitted. 

Zoo Motel is a unique experience based on the number of patrons who have purchased a ticket for each performance.

How can I watch Zoo Motel on my devices?

Zoo Motel can be viewed on your laptop computer, desktop or tablet. You can maximize your screen size and enjoy a comfortable setting to enjoy the show. 

Note: For best-viewing quality, position our computer close to your wireless router and minimize the number of household devices using the internet. A slower internet connection may impact video quality.

Here are some resources to help you cast Zoo Motel on your TV:

Streaming using Chromecast

Streaming using Amazon Firestick

Note: Zoom is not compatible with Smart TVs or Roku. If you do not have a Chromecast or Firestick, we advise you connect your computer directly to your TV with an HDMI cable.

Will there be a show playbill to read?

Yes, we have a digital version of our playbill available in PDF form for easy viewing. You will receive a link to the playbill in your pre-show email before your selected performance.

Who can I contact if I need assistance before or during the performance?

For any questions or concerns, please email boxoffice@theatreexile.org ahead of the show and checkin@zoomotel.org once the show begins.