2019-2020 Season

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On the Exhale
by Martín Zimmerman

Directed by Matt Pfeiffer
November 29, 2019 — December 22, 2019
Theatre Exile 1340 South 13th St

When a senseless act of violence changes her life forever, a liberal college professor finds herself inexplicably drawn to the very weapon used to perpetrate the crime – and to the irresistible feeling of power that comes from holding life and death in her hands. Peering down the barrel of a uniquely American crisis, she begins to suspect that when it comes to gun violence, we’re all part of the problem.

Presented by special arrangement with SAMUEL FRENCH, INC.

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by Jacqueline Goldfinger

Directed by Deborah Block
February 13, 2019 — March 8, 2019
Theatre Exile, 1340 South 13th Street

Featuring Bi Jean Ngo

A new comedy & winner of the 2017 Smith Prize for Political Theater and featured on the Kilroy’s List. A talking stork, lesbian moms, and the power to build your own baby… In this version of a near future society, prospective parents learn within the first weeks of conception which traits their child will have and what behaviors it is likely to exhibit. With rapid advances in reproductive technology today, modern eugenics is science’s Wild West. What will we do to “civilize” it and ourselves? How far will we go when playing God?

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by Lyle Kessler

Directed by Joe Canuso
April 9, 2019 — May 3, 2019
Theatre Exile, 1340 South 13th Street

Two Brothers, Phillip, sensitive, reclusive, never venturing out of his North Philly home and Treat, a violent pickpocket and thief who kidnaps a mysteriously wealthy businessman who turns the table on the two brothers and in strange, hilarious and moving way, becomes their long lost father figure.
Orphans was first produced in 1983 with a 1985 production at Steppenwolf Theatre. Years later and after many awards, it had its Broadway debut in 2013.

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