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Glengarry Glen Ross

Written by David Mamet
Directed by Matt Pfeiffer
April 20, 2007 — May 13, 2007

Christ Church Neighborhood House

Glengarry Glen Ross explores the seamy underbelly of cutthroat real estate deals and corporate desperation from the back office to the booths of a lowbrow Chinese restaurant. Theatre Exile’s all-star cast of Philadelphia actors brings Mamet’s ferocious characters to startling life with Exile’s trademark fierceness. Glengarry Glen Ross is a play about “the stark, dead end of the American dream… and the fact that it’s all so funny speaks volumes about the American psyche” – New York Times.

Joe Canuso

Dan Hodge

Brian McCann

Harry Philibosian

Bill Rayhill

H. Michael Walls

William Zielinski