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Casting & Submissions


No auditions scheduled at this time.

Submissions for Actors

Theatre Exile operates under a Small Professional Theatre agreement with Actors’ Equity Association, and in accordance with that agreement, we hold multiple open call auditions each season. We make a concerted effort to cast from a diverse pool of actors in the Philadelphia professional acting community. Most auditions are by appointment, but we attend the Greater Philadelphia Annual Auditions each April. Check back here for more information about upcoming open auditions.

If you are unable to attend auditions and wish to be kept on file, please fill out this form.

Questions can be sent to our Artistic Department at artistic@theatreexile.org.

Seeking Equity and Non-Equity Video Submissions for 2021-2022 Season

DEADLINE: August 20, 2021 UNION: AEA SALARY: Subscription Series – SPT 6 $510/wk minimum


Video submissions will be accepted until August 20, 2021.

To submit a video, please create a single video file with two contrasting, no more than 1 minute monologues* and slating of no more than 3 mins total. Send your video via the submission form at https://bit.ly/3jsiYQf. Please note that you are submitting for the Equity Auditions.

To optimize for the best sound and video possible, we encourage you to turn off any ambient noise (air conditioner/tv/radio) and select a well lit area with minimal backlighting for your video.

When slating, please include the following: name, pronouns (if comfortable sharing), the titles and authors of your two selections.

*Please note: we do not produce musicals at this time and your submission should not consist of a song performance.

This is a virtual EPA. Equity’s contracts prohibit discrimination. Equity is committed to diversity and encourages all its employers to engage in a policy of equal employment opportunity designed to promote a positive model of inclusion. As such, Equity encourages performers of all ethnicities, gender identities, and ages, as well as performers with disabilities, to submit.


Deborah Block, Producing Artistic Director; Brey Ann Barrett, Interim Associate Artistic Director; Randi Alexis Hickey, Administrative Assistant; Directors of The Motherf*cker with The Hat and Today is My Birthday.


All dates are subject to change.

Extreme Home Makeover by Makasha Copeland

First Rehearsal: 10/5/2021 First Preview: 10/28/2021 Opening: 11/3/2021 Closing: 11/21/2021 Extension closing: 11/28/2021

The Motherf*cker with The Hat by Stephen Adly Guirgis

First rehearsal – 1/11/2022 First preview – 2/3/2022 Opening – 2/9/2022 Closing – 2/27/2022 Extension Closing – 3/6/2022

Today is my Birthday by Susan Soon He Stanton

First rehearsal – 4/5/2022 First preview – 4/28/2022 Opening – 5/4/2022 Closing – 5/22/2022 Extension Closing – 5/29/2022


Subscription Series

Extreme Home Makeover by Makasha Copeland

A note about casting for the younger roles: the children can be played by older performers that can pass for as youthful as the character and can portray the nuanced characteristics of the role.

  • Valentina – Tejana/Chicana. Mother. Around 35.
  • Marco – Tejano/Chicano. Oldest child. Around 16.
  • Lupe – Tejanx/Chicanx. Youngest child. Around 10.
  • Guadalupe – Tejana/Chicana. Grandmother. Around 65.

Characters speak Spanish at different points.

The Motherf*cker with The Hat by Stephen Adly Guirgis

JACKIE – Latinx. 30s. An addict and former drug dealer, has just been released from prison. Dedicated to making a new life for both himself and Veronica. Hot-blooded, passionate and stubbornly resolute, with a tendency to barrel into situations head-first, regardless of consequences. Trouble seems to find him, even when he’s not looking for it.

RALPH D – Any ethnicity. 40s. Jackie’s sponsor. Quick-witted and charismatic, with a confidence bordering on narcissism. Always knows what to do, and has no difficulty convincing others that he is right. Smooth talker; can talk anyone into anything, and talk his way out of everything.

VERONICA – Latinx. 30s. Jackie’s high school sweetheart. Tough, street-wise, volatile and sharp-tongued. A fighter who can give back twice as good as she gets. In love with Jackie, and wants a more stable life, but is far from sober herself.

VICTORIA – Any ethnicity. 40s. Ralph’s wife. Fed up and perpetually pissed-off by Ralph’s shtick. Tired of being steam-rolled by her husband; knows that Ralph has been repeatedly unfaithful, and is ready to finally do something about it.

COUSIN JULIO – Latinx. 40s. Jackie’s cousin. Unconventional homemaker, and a bit of an eccentric. Very mindful of health and fitness. Likes to talk a big game. Frustrated with Jackie, but loyal and protective of him nonetheless.

Today is my Birthday by Susan Soon He Stanton

Note from the playwright: this is a play that entirely takes place on the telephone, live radio, voice message, and intercom. No characters are in the same physical location as Emily.

No specific ethnicities or races are specified other than Emily. We encourage performers from a variety of backgrounds to submit. Please note that some characters may be recordings only.

EMILY – an Asian-American copywriting temp in back home in Hawaii and approaching 30’s after having just left her life in New York.


MOM – Emily’s Mother, 60s

  • MRS. KOBAYASHI – Receptionist
  • ALYSSA – Bill Tapia’s manager
  • JOYCE – Public radio hostess
  • MRS. ASUNCION – Landon’s mother and editor for newspaper

DAD – Emily’s Father, 60s

  • BILL TAPIA – 103-year-old ukulele player, world’s oldest performing musician
  • KURT – Artistic Director of Hawai‘i Repertory Theatre
  • GRANDPA Z – Caricature grandpa performed by DJ Loki
  • DR. JOHANNNES CONNECTION – German Radio Shrink performed by DJ Loki

LANDON – Emily’s high school friend, approaching 30s

  • RICHARD – Emily’s Boss
  • SEBASTIAN – Emily’s ex-boyfriend
  • KEONI/JONATHAN/FRANKLIN – Emily’s on-Air love interest
  • HARUMI – Emily’s exboyfriend
  • AMAZINGPRESENCE83 – A phone helpline volunteer

HALIMA – Emily’s best friend, 30s

  • GODDESS SWEET LEILANI – ADVICE Guru performed by DJ Solange
  • HOSTESS – Works at Doraku Restaurant

Submissions for Playwrights

Theatre Exile Play Submission Policy

Theatre Exile accepting script submissions for our Subscription Series productions and our Studio X-hibition New Play Development Series. At this time, we do not accept submissions for our Out of Exile program.

We only accept electronic submissions. You can use the form links below to submit. Please follow the instructions and guidelines provided below and on the individual forms.

In general, Theatre Exile is looking for stories that either pushes forward ideas or exposes part of the human condition that we prefer to keep in the dark. We seek a diverse selection of voices, styles, and content. With that in mind, we also hope that submissions will align with our vision and goals for connecting with our audiences.

As we consider plays for each program, we also consider our capacity and resources. Please note that we currently do not produce musicals, scripts with more than 5 actors, and are less than an hour or more than 3 hours in length.

Subscription Series Submissions

Theatre Exile’s Subscription Series productions give our audiences insight into life’s challenges by sharing important stories of various perspectives.

Submissions are accepted all year long and added to our considerations list for the future. You should receive a confirmation email that your submission was filed. If we decide that your submission is a good fit for production consideration you will receive an email. 

Currently, we only produce three plays a season in our Subscription Series. Every season requires specific considerations and each play may take several seasons to consider. If you ever want to update or check in on the status of your submission, you can email artistic@theatreexile.org.

  • Out of town artists, please submit 10-page sample only.
  • Philadelphia local area artists (within a 30-mile radius of City Hall in Philadelphia) may submit full scripts.

Studio X-hibition New Play Development Series Submissions

Theatre Exile’s Studio X-hibition New Play Development Series is a program of plays from Philadelphia local artists that are currently in development and are far enough along to receive a public reading with actors for audience response. This is an opportunity for Theatre Exile to build artistic relationships with playwrights.

Submitting to our Studio X-hibition series is only available to Philadelphia residents. Submissions are accepted annually beginning in February to June. You should receive a confirmation email that your submission was filed. If we decide that your submission is a good fit for development consideration you will receive an email. 

For more details or to submit a play for Subscription Series consideration, please click here.

For more details or to submit a play for Studio X-hibition New Play Development Series, please click here.

Questions can be sent to our Artistic Department at artistic@theatreexile.org.