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Casting & Submissions


In-Person Season auditions are scheduled for November 7th and video submissions are currently being accepted. See details below.

Script submission information below casting details

If you are interested in learning more about our past productions, check them out here

Submissions for Actors

Theatre Exile operates under a Small Professional Theatre agreement with Actors’ Equity Association, and in accordance with that agreement, we hold multiple open call auditions each season. We make a concerted effort to cast from a diverse pool of actors in the Philadelphia professional acting community.

We are holding open auditions by appointment on Monday November 7th, 2022 10am-6:00pm. Equity members will be give priority for appointment confirmations. If you are not a member of Equity you will be added to our waitlist and notified if an appointment is available about 48 hours prior to the auditions. If you do not receive any notification within 24 hours of the audition time, unfortunately we were not able to schedule a slot for you. We will hold a second day of auditions later this summer, please check back. You can also submit a video audition instead.

To make an appointment request or submit a video audition, please fill out the form.

Please try to submit your video by November 15th for timely consideration.

Questions can be sent to our Artistic Department at artistic@theatreexile.org.

Details about the shows, characters, and in-person auditions

THE LIGHT – Philadelphia EPA
Theatre Exile | Philadelphia, PA

Monday, November 7, 2022 at 10:00 AM – 6:30 PM (E) – Break 12:00-1:00pm

$549 weekly minimum (SPT 6)

Please prepare two contemporary monologues totaling no more than 3 minutes together. Theatre Exile does not produce musicals at this time. Please do not prepare a song. We encourage you to look to our mission and production history for some inspiration to choose your materials.

Theatre Exile Admin Offices – 1340 S 13th Street
Philadelphia, PA 19147

There is an elevator available for those that may need that accessibility. Bathrooms and a water fountain are available. Please be aware that you may be asked to wait outside for a time for crowd control regarding COVID 19, depending on extreme weather. Please prepare accordingly. Street parking is available at most times but please plan to arrive earlier to secure parking before your appointment time.

Expected to attend:
Producing Artistic Director – Deborah Block
Interim Associate Artistic Director – Brey Ann Barrett
General Manager – Darnelle Radford
Associate Operations Manager – Randi Alexis Hickey

Wolf Play
First rehearsal – 10/4/2022
First preview – 10/27/2022
Opening – 11/2/2022
Closing – 11/20/2022
Extension close – 11/28/2022

The Light by Loy A. Webb
First rehearsal – 1/10/2022
First preview – 2/2/2022
Opening – 2/8/2022
Closing – 2/26/2022
Extension close – 3/5/2022

First rehearsal – 3/28/2023
First preview – 4/27/2023
Opening – 5/3/2023
Closing – 5/21/2023
Extension close – 5/28/2023

An Equity Monitor will not be provided. The producer will run all aspects of this audition.

Equity’s contracts prohibit discrimination. Equity is committed to diversity and encourages all its employers to engage in a policy of equal employment opportunity designed to promote a positive model of inclusion. As such, Equity encourages performers of all ethnicities, gender identities, and ages, as well as performers with disabilities, to attend every audition.

Always bring your Equity Membership card to auditions.




WOLF PLAY, by Hansol Jung
Directed by Deborah Block
Play description: A Korean boy is ushered into a new house by his adopted American father. This new house belongs to an American boxer and their wife. American father un-adopts boy by a single signature on a piece of paper. But just before he leaves the new house, Ex father discovers that the new parents, to whom he has “re-homed” his ex-son, are a queer couple. American Ex father spends the rest of the play trying to get the boy back. In his corner is Ryan, the boxer’s coach and their wife’s brother. Ryan doesn’t like the new Korean boy, who is a bit weird.

*Notes for interested performers – performers may be asked to move set pieces as part of their character’s blocking; each member of the ensemble may be asked to manipulate the working of the puppet representing the child.

ASH – Non-Binary, Late 20s. Southpaw Boxer. Any ethnicity – Working toward the next level of their boxing career. Surprised that their wife has adopted a child. Surprised by their own capacity to connect with this child more deeply than everyone else. Perceived cis female by Peter. Note: Please note that this role requires comfortability with fight choreography.

ROBIN – Female, 30s. Ash’s wife. Any ethnicity – Wants to build a loving family and to see her newly adopted child happy with her and Ash. This is taking more work than expected.

RYAN – Male, Early to mid 30s. Robin’s brother. Any ethnicity – Robin’s younger brother and Ash’s boxing coach. Ambitiously working with Ash to get them to the next level. Feels that this new child is taking the focus away from that goal and would rather he go back to Peter.

PETER – Male, Late 30s. A father. Any ethnicity, but East Asian. Father of a newborn and the original adoptive father of Peter Jr./ Wolf/Jeenu, a young boy that he has raised for many years. Struggling to balance the newness of his family dynamic and his love for the child that loves but must give up. Always trying but never seemingly succeeding.

WOLF – ROLE CAST. A mix of the familiar with the terribly unexpected. This is the internal persona of a young boy, Jeenu, who was recently adopted by Robin and is represented by a puppet throughout the play. The Wolf is the guide for the audience for understanding Jeenu’s experience that includes direct address to the audience. Wolf is controlled chaos and searches for connection but is used to being on his own.


THE LIGHT, by Loy A. Webb

Directed by J. Paul Nicholas

Play Description: Not every marriage proposal goes as planned. Loy A. Webb’s The Light introduces Rashad and Genesis on what should be one of the happiest days of their lives, but their joy quickly unravels when ground-shifting accusations from the past resurface in this gripping two-character drama. Can their relationship survive the growing divide between them over who – and what – to believe? The Light is a reckoning that unfolds in real time and peels away the layers of truth, doubt, pain and, ultimately, the power of love.


Genesis – an African-American woman, natural hair, mid to late 30s – Rashad’s partner, an educator and principal in Chicago. She is smart, strong, and kind. Her strength comes from survival and she needs Rashad to understand that.
Rashad – an African-American man, mid to late 30s – Genesis’ partner, a former athlete turned Chicago firefighter. He is a father of a young daughter. He plans to propose to Genesis.



ABANDON, by James Ijames
Directed by Brett Ashley Robinson
Play description: Luella is alone – haunted by the ghost of her son. Joshua is alone – kicked out of his house by his brother. One winter night these two people collide. Luella is looking for redemption; Joshua is looking for family. By the next morning, these two lonely souls are meshed together into an American Family in its truest sense. A world premiere by Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright James Ijames, Abandon is sometimes violent, sometimes healing with a gossamer veil that separates the worlds of the living and the dead, and shame and acceptance.

Luella. 80’s. Black woman. A woman living alone but with company to come. She is strong, no nonsense, and long-lost compassion. Gabriel’s mother.
Joshua. 20’s. Black man – Looking for home and family, ready to be loved. Chris’ brother.
Chris– 30- early 40’s. Black man – Aggressive and deliberate, needing validation and ready to take it. Joshua’s brother.

Gabriel. 20’s, Black man. A fabulous ghost that feels his mother love through the barrier of worlds. Luella’s son


Everyone entering the audition venue (i.e., venue employees, Equity members, non-members, casting personnel, creatives, producers, musicians, COVID Safety Managers, etc.) will be required to undergo a symptom check. An online form will be provided in your confirmation email and will need to be completed no more than 24 hours in advance.

Upon arrival, you will need to provide one of the following prior to entry into the venue:

o Proof of full vaccination. “Fully vaccinated,” as defined by the CDC, is more than 14 calendar days following receipt of a final dose of an FDA or World Health Organization authorized or approved vaccine.


o Proof of a negative PCR test result taken no earlier than 48 hours prior to entry into the audition venue.


o Proof of two negative antigen test results (e.g., the first taken the night before and the second taken no less than 2 hours) prior to entry into the venue. Results of non-proctored at-home antigen tests will not be accepted.

Two-ply cloth face masks, surgical masks, singer’s masks and respirators (N95, KN95 or KF94) will be allowed for face coverings. Single-ply face masks, gaiters and bandanas are not acceptable face coverings. Everyone in the holding room and audition room will always wear a face covering as described above, except for the actor when they are actively auditioning. The time spent unmasked should be as minimal as possible. Face coverings must be worn correctly (covering the nose and mouth).
If the risk level for [the county in which the auditions will be held] is trending upwards and may rise to High (Orange) we will contact members with appointments at least 48 hours before the first audition appointment time to let them know there is a chance that the auditions may need to be postponed or cancelled. All members with appointments will be notified at least 24 hours in advance if the auditions must be postponed or cancelled.
We encourage members to prepare for their audition prior to arriving at the audition venue, to the extent that they can (e.g., get dressed, hair/make-up, etc.) to avoid crowding in bathrooms and dressing rooms.

Holding/Audition room information:

  • The audition room can accommodate no more than 6 individuals at a time.
  • The upstairs holding room can accommodate no more than 4 individuals at a time.
  • The lower level holding room can accommodate no more than 2 individuals at a time.
  • The elevator can accommodate no more than 3 individuals at a time.
  • Some performers may be asked to wait outside as auditions rotate.

Submissions for Playwrights

Theatre Exile Play Submission Policy

Theatre Exile accepting script submissions for our Subscription Series productions and our Studio X-hibition New Play Development Series. At this time, we do not accept submissions for our Out of Exile program.

We only accept electronic submissions. You can use the form links below to submit. Please follow the instructions and guidelines provided below and on the individual forms.

In general, Theatre Exile is looking for stories that either pushes forward ideas or exposes part of the human condition that we prefer to keep in the dark. We seek a diverse selection of voices, styles, and content. With that in mind, we also hope that submissions will align with our vision and goals for connecting with our audiences.

As we consider plays for each program, we also consider our capacity and resources. Please note that we currently do not produce musicals, scripts with more than 5 actors, and are less than an hour or more than 3 hours in length.

Subscription Series Submissions

Theatre Exile’s Subscription Series productions give our audiences insight into life’s challenges by sharing important stories of various perspectives.

Submissions are accepted all year long and added to our considerations list for the future. You should receive a confirmation email that your submission was filed. If we decide that your submission is a good fit for production consideration you will receive an email.

Currently, we only produce three plays a season in our Subscription Series. Every season requires specific considerations and each play may take several seasons to consider. If you ever want to update or check in on the status of your submission, you can email artistic@theatreexile.org.

  • Out of town artists, please submit 10-page sample only.
  • Philadelphia local area artists (within a 30-mile radius of City Hall in Philadelphia) may submit full scripts.

Studio X-hibition New Play Development Series Submissions

Theatre Exile’s Studio X-hibition New Play Development Series is a program of plays from Philadelphia local artists that are currently in development and are far enough along to receive a public reading with actors for audience response. This is an opportunity for Theatre Exile to build artistic relationships with playwrights.

Submitting to our Studio X-hibition series is only available to Philadelphia residents. Submissions are accepted annually beginning in February to June. You should receive a confirmation email that your submission was filed. If we decide that your submission is a good fit for development consideration you will receive an email.

For more details or to submit a play for Subscription Series consideration, please click here.

For more details or to submit a play for Studio X-hibition New Play Development Series, please click here.

Questions can be sent to our Artistic Department at artistic@theatreexile.org.